Squeeze Page Opt In Rates: How to Increase Them

When an internet marketer is trying to build a list, they usually start with setting up a squeeze page. The conversion of the page will depend on various things; the graphics, the headline and the sense of urgency that is included in the text. Below you will find some tips on how to revamp your existing site to increase squeeze page opt in rates and build your list faster than ever. Remember that you do not have to change your methods if they work to an extent: it is faster and more effective to improve your conversions instead of setting up a new sales funnel.

Display the Opt in Box in the Sidebar

Ensure that you are displaying the free offer that is included in the squeeze page on your blog. It is not hard to add the autoresponder code to the sidebar or just a link. Adding the graphics of the giveaway product will certainly increase squeeze page opt in rates. An arrow graphics and a link in relevant blog posts will also increase the chance that people who are interested in the solution will sign up for your list.

Check What the Competition is Doing

If you are seeing low conversion rates on your squeeze pages, you should try and find out what you are missing. If you are able to locate sites with similar offers, it is easy to copy the techniques the other marketer is using. For example, you might add social media sign up option to your squeeze page, making it easier and faster for your visitors to sign up.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Adding a countdown or a time limit to the free download offered on the bottom would also increase your opt in rates. If people are convinced that the download is limited, they will make a decision right there and then, instead of hesitating. This is one of the methods advanced internet marketers are teaching within 100 dollar plus a month coaching programs.

Rotate Headlines Using Google Analytics

The headline is the most important part of the landing page, and you never know if you got it right or not, unless you measure them. Google Analytics is a free tool available for all webmasters, making it possible to rotate different elements of the squeeze page and measure performance. Use it and you will be able to choose the winner headline for your affiliate marketing campaign.

Measure and Check Feedback

Measuring opt in rates is simple using advanced autoresponder statistics. Look at the changes you made and see if the conversion has increased. You should be aiming for optimum squeeze page opt in rates of 5-10 percent for blog traffic, while if you send cold traffic to the page, this will be significantly lower. Still, the aim is that you have to get more subscribers with less effort; that it the main aim of increasing lnding page opt in rates and the number of subscribers.

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