The Advantages and Disadvantages of Doing Your Writing for the Web or Copywriting Yourself

Small business owners and self-employed persons are always looking for ways that would help to save them time, freeing them up to concentrate on other tasks in their business. Many choose outsourcing their copywriting or writing for the web as one of these time saving devices and one of their very best stress management tips.

Although this works for a lot of small business owners many others have had some poor experiences and are considering the do it yourself approach. Like everything else though there will always be benefits and drawbacks to consider.

Doing your own copywriting or writing for the web


One: Added skill and knowledge developed in-house

Doing your own content writing or getting one of your staff to write it under your direction can have long-term bonuses for your business, in that you have someone in-house who already understands you and your business who can provide what you want in a way that is pleasing to you, they can effectively and efficiently make the necessary changes quickly.

Two: It saves you money

Having someone in-house write your content for you means you do not necessarily have to pay out any extra money. If you do have to pay for the extra work it will often amount to less than you would have paid the ghostwriter, ultimately saving you money.

Three: You have total control over the quality of the content

Having total control over the quality of the content written for your site or business can go a long way to relieving stress levels. Doing your own copywriting and writing for the web gives you ultimate control over the quality of the content, making the do it yourself approach a viable option for any small business owner.

Four: You can ensure delivery is on time

Timely delivery of equipment, materials, products and services is very important for small businesses. This is no different when content whether it is a sales letter, article, ad or promotional material is what has been ordered. Doing your writing yourself is the only way to ensure you get what you want on time as only you can prioritize as you need to.


One: It takes time away from other tasks

One of the main concerns for small business owners and self-employed persons is time. They often have so much to do that prioritizing and time saving mechanisms have a big role in their survival. Doing your own writing for the web or copywriting means you have to set aside time during your day or in the evening to actually write the content. The sacrifice for doing this instead of outsourcing is that something else has to be put on hold, postponed or sacrificed until your promotional material, sales letter or whatever writing you wanted done is completed and out there bringing in the customers you want.

Doing your own copywriting or writing for the web can be a very rewarding experience even if you haven’t done it before. The key is deciding what you are willing to compromise on and why.

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