The Advantages of Promotional Pens

Promotional pens have long been an effective and low-cost advertisement tool for all kinds of business. A typical promotional pen is a ballpoint pen, bearing the logo, the address, or the phone number of the organization. These pens are given away as gifts during promotional campaigns, anniversaries, and other celebratory functions. These are known in many names such as personalised pens, printed pens, and advertising pens.

The Purpose Of Promotional Pens

Organizations provide promotional pens for two purposes. The first is to create goodwill among customers. Pens are cheap as well as useful. Most people do not throw away pens like they do with some other promotional tools such as a card or a brochure. The second utility of free pens is a brand recall. The logo, caption, address, and phone number serve as reminders of a particular brand.

Advertising pens can be given to anybody associated with a particular business. Take the example of a retail textile show room. The management can give printed pens to the customers. It can also provide customized pens to its employees and suppliers of cloth material.

The following are some of the benefits of promotional pens.

Low Cost

These are extremely cost effective. If a company opts for a bulk order, it can get the pens dead cheap. Most of the common promotional pens are ball point pens, and these will only have the life span and functionality of ball point pens.

Easy To Distribute

It is very easy to distribute these pens. One does not need to gift-wrap a pen. The employees of the organization can simply take a pen and give it to the customers. Similarly, there are no difficulties in packing and unpacking. Therefore, not only can the organization save the cost of the item, but can reduce the additional costs associated with it as well.

Brand Promotion Potential

The logo, address, and phone number of an organization can be prominently displayed in the promotional pens. They serve as an advertisement of the company, as these are likely to be seen by many people. Even if one counts only the family members and colleagues of the customer, it is worth the effort, as the money spent on manufacturing a pen is extremely low. Very few advertisement options can match advertising pens in terms of effect per cost ratio.

Suits All Kinds Of Businesses

The promotional pens suit all kinds of business organizations. If it is a small firm, such as a textile shop as in the earlier example, it can opt for low cost pens. If it is a larger firm, for example, an automobile distributor, it will have fewer customers, but they expect a more elegant gift. Such businesses can opt for more expensive and higher quality pens. They can insert the pen in a gift case and give it to the customer.

Easy Availability

It is easy to find manufacturers of promotional pens. You can find many such companies on the internet. When you select a company, do not make a decision based on the cost alone. Extremely low quality pens damage the reputation of the company.

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