The Fat Rich Pig – Ethical Or Not to Steal Peoples Commissions?

If you have been involved in affiliate marketing, you will soon realize that there are your not so good affiliates, your average affiliates and then there are your super affiliates who usually make a full time income completely online from the comfort of their homes. So what is the difference between full time super affiliates and your average affiliate marketer who struggles to make a buck? Well read on because I'll try and break it down for you and in turn tell you how a fat rich pig could help you.

Well generally you can break it down to systems and research. Super affiliates know how to research and they do it in a systematic way so it can be replicated time after time. Your average affiliate will try the latest hot method to drive traffic to their sites, the latest 'hot off the press' method to get people to buy, where as a super affiliate will not deviate from their plan, they know what works and they follow their plan to a 'T'.

As with most things in life there is a long way and a short way to do these things. With regards to affiliate marketing, generally the research part of the deal is the longest and most frustrating part of the process. Finding what people are searching for, finding out how much search engine competition there is, checking the competition on Google AdWords is etc. A task that can take anywhere from days to months to gather this data. This is where a system called The Rich Fat Pig Affiliate Crusher could help you.

So what does this software actually do? Well The Fat Rich Pig Affiliate Crusher is an all in one spying tool. It actually cuts out all the tiresome research and can put you directly onto money making ideas. Is this tool ethical, you may ask? Well that's really up to you to decide, you see with this software you can input a Clickbank affiliates ID and it will show you all the campaigns that that particular affiliate is marketing and even the sites that they are using to market them which obviously saves you vast amounts of time. You can even put in a Clickbank vendors ID and it will give you a list of affiliates that are promoting that particular product and even some of their email addresses, you can see why this is potentially a very powerful affiliate marketing tool.

Although at the time of this articles printing, the software is not released but it is expected to be released in the next week or so. There is a pre-notification list where you can be advised when it is actually released to the public and even how you can get your hands on a trial version of this remarkable software. Keep an ear to the ground, you may hear rumblings as disgruntled affiliates bemoan the fact that other people have 'stolen' their ideas when it reality it's the Fat Rich Pig going to work!

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