The Features and Advantages of Digg

Nowadays, social media has become one of the biggest hypes among all age groups. And, among the youngsters it is more of a fashion statement to be a member of a social networking site. With the help of a social networking website, you get a chance to utilize the internet and make new friends as well as stay in touch with old ones. It’s more like a better communicative medium, where via a social media platform you can place your own point of views and share your thoughts with a huge mass. To know what social media is we can take up the example of a website called digg.

Just like the other social forums, with digg you can not only make a strong communication base but at the same time you can even share various informative videos, articles, news and pictures also. You can upload this informative matter from external links and can get the proper feedback, and also you can hold a proper discussion about these matters.

Now let us get into the step by step procedure of the working of the social forum called digg. To start with, you need to create a profile and build a community of yours. You can build up your own personalized community by uploading various informative and interesting news, videos, pictures and articles. If you find any matter interesting then surely you can share it with digg.

After you upload all the news, pictures, articles, videos, the other member of the other communities will get a chance to read those matters. If these members like your uploaded pictures, articles and videos, then they will “digg” each of those matters. If you are lucky enough to receive more diggs then your uploaded documents will appear on the home page of digg.

In digg you can hold discussions with other members of the community about a certain topic. So, digg is one such forum where you can have a proper conversation related to any topic.

The best part of digg is that with your articles and other submissions you can be very popular among other communities. Moreover, in dig you can check out many upcoming new articles, news, videos etc at the upcoming section.

In other communities it’s really hard to control those people who misuse these kinds of forums. But in digg if you find any person misusing this forum by posting any inappropriate articles, videos or news then you can stop this by using the option called “bury”. Once you use this option, the matter will get straight into the hands of the digg community and immediate steps will be taken.

So, now social media like dig is not only limited to making new friends rather with these kinds of social media you can upgrade your knowledge and at the same time share your thoughts, knowledge with the entire dig community. So next time if somebody asks you what social media is all about then you know exactly what to say.

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