The Important Investment Most Companies Are Not Making

The one thing worse than training your employees and then losing them is not training them and keeping them.

There was a time – not too long ago – American companies – like yours – actually took pride in training employees. You paid them to attend daytime college classes. Not forcing your employees to juggle an already busy schedule, spend their additional income on the job required education and stress out.

You once believed in educating your American workers because better-educated employees made your company better and increased retention. Why should an employee stay if forced to go to school on their own time – sacrificing a balanced lifestyle – sacrificing health due to unnecessary stress?

What happened to you, corporate leaders?

One company that stands out from the rest is Apple, as it has an internal training facility, Apple University, for its personnel. This university dwarfs most companies offer for in-house training. As a result, the company has seen increased employee retention and a better commitment to the unique vision and culture of the company. For Apple, it is an important investment in its employees who are vital to the company's growth and future.

Regrettably, this type of investment in people is very rare nowadays. Many employers across the world are already finding it hard to find the right candidates with high technical skills required by the present modern economy.

Yet, the responsibility and blame fall on these corporate leaders as they have failed to offer training for their employees on ways of filling the higher-skilled positions, which is now a big problem for both job-seekers and companies alike.

The widening skills gap

After the recession ended in 2009, there were more job openings as compared to the number of people getting hired. As expected, employers blamed the candidates for lacking skills, education, and experience. However, after reviewing several researchers about this skills gap, experts now believe that there was scarce evidence that supported complaints about lack of skills.

In fact, what was clear is that candidates are over-qualified and over-educated for the current job positions. The main problem is that most employers do not want to train employees, and instead want to hire employees with precisely the best skills for cheap.

There is a simple solution for job positions that need a specialized skill set. Recruitment marketing research shows that the specific skills employers are looking for can be gained through adequate internal training. For startups, training can be done by pairing workers so as to offer learning opportunities. This way, the employees get the necessary skills right there on the job, and not just for writing a thesis.

Investing in people is the only way to successfully build a company.

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