Traffic Building Methods

As with many money-making methods, you will need to spend a certain amount of money to build your list. You need money to register a domain name, to host a website and to set up your autoresponder of course. Beyond that, getting traffic to your squeeze page can also cost you money of you decide to use pay-per-click (PPC) methods. However, there are many great free methods for generating traffic as well.

If you can use these correctly, you can get loads of traffic to your squeeze page, and you'll be able to compound your list without spending one cent.

Social Media

Did you know that social media sites get more traffic than even Google? That's a staggering thought, but it's true. Social media sites are a perfect way to build solid lists and, if you use them correctly, you won't ever have to rely on expensive advertising techniques like Google AdWords in order to promote your products.

The important thing to remember when using social media for list building is that you have to be careful not to promote your products too heavily. That's because doing so is a good way to get blocked or de-friended. Sites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace can help you build a brand, build a dedicated following and they'll allow you to promote your products and services absolutely free of charge.

When using social media, it's important not to sound too robotic. Remember, they are social sites, so use your personality and you'll see that people respond much better to you and your offers.


You can set up a blog for free using Blogger or WordPress where you can then create content that will gain a steady supply of readers. Then, you can include an opt-in section for your newsletter at the bottom of each post. This will not only help you build your brand and build a loyal readership, but it will also allow you to build an even bigger list.

You should also include a list of relevant blogs that you follow on your blog's page. Then, follow those blogs closely until you find a post you wish to comment on. When commenting on other people blog posts, make sure you comment using pertinent information from the entry. It should be apparent to everyone, including the person who wrote the post, that you read and understood the post thoroughly.

Never leave comments like, "Good post!" or "This sucks!", as those will quickly get deleted by the blogger and your efforts will be in vain. Instead, offer some useful insight. You'll also want to include the URL of your landing page in the post so that the blogger, and all of the blog's readers, will be able to click on it. This can bring targeted visitors to your site where they can then opt in to your newsletter by providing their information.


The best way to use forums for list building is to find a forum, or posts within a forum, that offer discussions about your particular niche. Really study people posts and make sure you are familiar with submission guidelines. After all, you would hate to start off on the wrong foot by annoying or the regular forum subscribers. Indeed, this could even get you banned by the forum administrators.

Then, comment in the forums offering valuable and useful information that people will really respond to. Simply include your landing page in your forum signature line. When people begin to see you as an authority on your niche, they will flock to your site and they won't be able to wait to sign up for your newsletter, e-courses, etc.


Anyone can make a video these days using free software that's readily available. Using such software, along with a little bit of time and skill, you can create professional-looking videos that promote your products or services and then you can upload them onto popular video networks like YouTube. Make sure you include the URL to your landing page a few times so that people don't have to search for it.

Videos are becoming one of the most popular forms of content accessed by internet users, both young and old. For that reason, you should take advantage of this and other mediums to really maximize your success.


Just like the free video-making software, there are also many free audio programs you can use to create a five to ten minute 'talk show' that offers useful information to those looking for it. Again, mention your URL a few times and make sure that it sounds as professional as possible so that you ensure people will stay tuned until the very end.

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