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To get the most out of Google Adwords, first you must understand how Google works. By not taking these simple first steps, you could quite easily find yourself struggling to make a profit using Google Adwords. This is simply because Google wants to reward user that do everything by the book. So, the more that you understand Google, the better position you will be in.

Google Loves Relevancy:

So many advertisers forget what Google is all about, they forget that Google is a technology company, not an advertising company. In fact, the only department in the entire Google company that deals with paying customers is the AdWords department.

So, what does this tell us?

Google Loves Relevancy, they always have and always will! They will always be working for the end user. The users that search using Googles interface. This is where their main focus is, as it’s these users that make Google what it is. Take them away and you have nothing. In fact, it’s only because Google is all about user experience, that makes Google the number one search engine. When a user search’s for ‘Cheap Homes To Rent In Essex’ Google does it’s best to provide that user with the most relevant results.

What Does This Mean For Your AdWords Ads?

Make them relevant! Again, Google is all about relevancy, which means that they are happy to reward you for being relevant. Within the Google AdWords structure, Google will reward you by increasing your Click Through Rate (CTR) and your Quality Score (QS). It is these two factors that will determine how much you pay and your ad position.

Important Areas to Cover:

Here are a few things that you need to know about Google.

– Google WILL check your campaign manually! this is important to know because Google have a set guidelines as to what your landing page should be like. If one of the Google admin members comes to your website, and finds that your landing page is not in compliance with their criteria, then this will effect your quality score.

– Make Everything for the end users. Once again, this comes back to relevancy. If your landing page matches the content of your ad, and your ad matches the keyphrase that gets typed into Google. Then you will be seen as highly relevant.

Ok, now you understand what you should do, here’s what not to do.

– Don’t promote anything illegal.

– Weapons or Violence

– Sexual Content or Prostitution

– Drugs / Steroids / perscription

– Gambling

– Knock off or counterfeit goods

– Answers for educational tests

– scams

– AdSense Template

– Donation Site – Unless Government.


– Make your ads relevant to the search & make your landing page relevant to your AdWords ad.

– Avoid having AdSense & banner advertising on your landing page.

– Make everything about thee end user!

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