Unstoppable Online Income Stream

One of the things that the majority of folks find most challenging about creating an unstoppable online income stream, is to generate plenty of traffic to their online funnel system.

If you are an Internet Marketer, or want to be one, you must decide on which niche you want to operate, to create an online income stream that makes you money consistently, on auto-pilot.

While this is a simplistic, general idea, it is nevertheless something that you can explore and expand to arrive at a plan for making money online that is workable and efficient at making revenue for you every day.

If you come to the Internet to make money, hoping to become rich overnight with some get rich push button scheme that promises you thousands of dollars by next week, think again. You will find that sort of thing is simply not true because I am here to tell you to be realistic and not to believe those kinds of claims.

Working online is not as easy as some make it out to be. Forget those claims that for you to make money online you only need to work one hour a week. It will take a lot more than that for you to make it work. However, those marketers that choose not to do it all by themselves and get a mentor early on in their journey, are the ones that will get success the fastest.

Anyway, you can receive all kinds of advice about Internet Marketing, buy believe me, getting a mentor as soon as you can, will speed your journey faster than anything available out there. You don’t want to do what I’ve been doing, consuming endless stuff about marketing, only to go in all directions but the straight line towards success.

How do you though, make an unstoppable online income stream? Well, even though I said earlier or hinted to the fact that making money online would take some time to do, there is however a very basic income stream that you can create, not having to set up a website or understanding HTML (hyper text mark-up language) or anything like that.

I don’t know what are your aims, or your intentions, or in what area of marketing you like to operate, but let us say you want to concentrate doing internet marketing and that you know you want to be doing Affiliate Marketing. With this business model, only a few things are required for you to get started making money online quite soon really.

With Affiliate Marketing, you choose a product to promote in one of the Affiliate Networks. For example you go to, the largest digital products network of the Internet, apply to be an affiliate, choose a username, a password and get approval from them. It is free to join.

You then do some research in ClickBank, choose a product to promote, and click the “Promote” button to get the link that you are going to promote to your prospects. When any of them clicks your link, ClickBank will credit you with the sale and pays you the percentage that you saw while you were doing your research in their website.

To promote the link, you visit the website of the product in question and look for the affiliate tools that the product creator gives you as an affiliate to use. These tools are emails, banners, solo ads or articles about the product. Without having a website though, you are going to promote using articles that you submit to the articles directories, including in them your ClickBank hop-link which carries your ID.

Your task is to send as much traffic as you can to the product’s website and when sales are made from that traffic, you get the commissions. If your articles, solo-ads, reviews, or your social media presence can generate lots of traffic to the product’s site, you can earn your commissions.

As you start making sales, you are going to get into better strategies like getting a blog, a list of subscribers with whom you build a relationship and consider even more advanced methods like SEO (search Engine Optimization), writing press releases, set up Squidoo lenses, Hub-Pages.

It is the marketing of your promotions that is going to make you unstoppable online income streams. When you know this methods work, you will escalate your efforts to increase your revenue.

If the idea of setting up a blog is too daunting, right now there are affiliate networks such as Empower Network and Pure Leverage that have ready made blogging platforms for you to use right away, and that pay you 100% commissions for any sales that you make.

What you can make with your own affiliate marketing, plus being an affiliate for both or either of these two networks can be mind numbing. If you Google some of the marketers using Empower Network, you will not believe the colossal earning power that they generate out of Affiliate Marketing.

The possibilities for making a lot of money out of Affiliate Marketing are great and they are well worth your consideration, but if you are already actively engaged in IM, well, congratulations on being an unstoppable online affiliate marketer.

To your success,

German Calvo.

I am a Commerce, Computer and Law graduate. I am running my own IT Company since 1993. I like to Read, explore Hindu Sanskruti, Travelling and Riding/Driving.

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