Using Adwords For Affiliate Marketing

So you have a website promoting your favorite affiliate products and now you need traffic. The fastest way to get high quality traffic is Google Adwords. After you create your account your ads can be live in as little as 15 minutes. Any changes you make to your campaign or landing page are effective immediately.

There are basically three types of affiliate websites.

A product review website. This is where you do a full and comprehensive review of one product.

A product comparison website. This is usually used for ebooks, software and digital products. Your website will compare 3 – 10 products in the same market. The products will be listed from best to worst with the best being number 1, and the rest chronologically descending down the page.

There is also a shopping comparison landing page. These are usually used for physical items such as electronics, inkjet cartridges etc.

Direct Linking – A while back it was very easy to send your visitor right to the merchants page when they clicked your ad. Unfortunately this technique has been exploited and now Google only allows 2 listings per domain, per keyword.

In other words if you had a campaign advertising jewelry. You joined the affiliate program and used the keyword term jewelry. The chances of getting listed with Google AdWords under that keyword and sending them directly to’s sales page is very minimal. The reason why is there are only 2 listings allowed and is probably advertising at AdWords already. This leaves 1 more listing and thousands of affiliates competing for that listing.

That is why you need to have an effective landing page. The 2 listing per domain per keyword rule won’t affect you. Try using the most suitable type of landing page for your market and put together a strong AdWords campaign and watch your commission grow.

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