Virtual Assistants – The Social Media Savior for Small Businesses

In today's highly competitive business environment, small business owners are struggling to find every possible method to generate brand awareness and improve customer engagement. Fortunately, the explosion of social media sites on the internet has made this easier and less expensive than ever before. With services like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn providing free services to link a business with its customers, it is possible to create a deeply engaged community with your customers. Unfortunately, the complexities of managing the social media profiles for a small business can be a very confusing and challenging prospect for many small business owners.

In order to get the full benefit of social media marketing, a company must maintain a regular presence on these sites. It is also critical to engage with your customers and followers while constantly searching for new followers and customers to expand your network. This can be a full time job if done properly, and is something few small business owners can possibly keep up with. In many ways, an improperly handled social media campaign can do more damage to a business than not having one at all, this combination of factors leads most entrepreneurs to either ignore or quickly abandon what could be a highly effective tool for increasing their business.

The solutions is obvious, but too expensive for most businesses, a full time social media manager. Very few companies have the resources to dedicate a full time employee to the task of managing their social media reputation. This is where the new industry of virtual assistants can be the savior to beleaguered business. In countries like the Philippines and India, highly educated and skilled professionals are available to work as sub contractors for a fraction of the price of a full time domestic employee. These experts can easily maintain all of a companies sites and profiles to ensure the maximum benefit from these tools.

A successful program of this type will have several highly beneficial results for a small business. The most important of them is the increased connection with your existing customers. When you can turn your regular customers into a community you will quickly multiply the loyalty and engagement with those customers. The virtual assistant social media manager will regularly post updates, news and comments to your Facebook and Twitter pages. They will also continually expand your LinkedIn profile to expand your network to new clients as well as potential employees.

The benefits of integrating Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to your marketing strategy is clear. Hopefully, the availability of so many virtual assistants skilled as social media managers will help more small businesses take advantage of this opportunity.

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