What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Networking?

Nothing beats networking. When you have a new project and you need some advice or when you have an extra ticket to a concert, who are you going to call? A complete stranger or someone you know? Some people might grab the white pages just because they like to live daringly, but most people are going to call someone in their network. Top business leaders know the advantages of networking surpass every other tool at their disposal. There’s no equal to picking up the phone and calling a contact. After all, the power of networking has put Presidents in office, raised billions to start new companies and has even been used to find organ donors for someone in dire need. As you access your network, the first person you call may not have the answers, but just taking the action is a step on a journey to achieving your goals.

Think of using your network like playing a scavenger hunt game. As you work within your network, you reveal clues that help you find what you’re ultimately looking for. Your network is very likely to be bigger than you think too. Some statistics suggest that the average person knows about 250 people. Each of those people you know also knows 250 people. This means you’re two steps away from 62,500 people and three steps away from 15,625,000 people. If you think that sounds too good to be true, you just had the thought that separates you from the people who have mastered the advantages of networking. Shake your head and just say “Wow, I’m connected to that many people!”

Just imagine what could be in that network. You could find a new job, new clients, your ideal mate and even the ultimate recipe for chicken soup; all within a network that can be accessed through an inexpensive phone call or an email. The power of such networks can be broken down into individual niches as well. It’s easy to see the advantages of networking in information technology circles. All those geeks love to chat about IT, right? How about other common interest groups like sewing, horseback riding, or cooking? Social media tools on the Internet make it even easier to connect to like-minded groups of people from all around the world. These groups form new networks based on the common connection of your passions. Before long, you may even think that being connected to 250 direct contacts is a very conservative estimate.

What then are the disadvantages of networking? You should expect that any tool this powerful can be used for ill as well as good. Some people are network leeches. They will call you and shake you down for leads and contacts. Don’t be that person. Lead the field with influence and integrity and send a signal to those networking leeches to stay away. As you care and feed your own network, with positive action and by providing value to others, you’ll be astounded to find how well that network takes care of you.

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