What Is All The Fuss About? A Look Inside AdWords 180

Fasten your seat belts because we are about to go on the AdWords 180 ride. There has been a lot of talk about the new AdWords 180 ebook that is available for purchase on line. We will give you the layout and the basics so that you can decide for yourself. Here we go.

This is a two part book that contains 78 pages of information. So lets talk about the first half now. In this half of the book it will talk about getting rid of the myths about the following rules:

1. Concentrating on the Google Search Network.

2.Make lower bids for the content network.

3. Aiming for a high quality score.

4.Rank high and get the clicks.

5. Creating a good landing page.

6. Tracking and testing.

The ebook goes through each rule in detail and tells you what and what not to do. You get the good and bad on each element. This section assumes that you have a basic idea of AdWords and how they work. It provides good technique tips for the intermediate user and some fine direction the beginner.

The program then moves on to the second half. The second half kicks off revealing the AdWords 180 plan and direction in full depth. The technique taught is based on the content network of Google AdWords. I know what you’re thinking, the content network in a bunch of wasted time on non-converting traffic, but it teaches you how to turn this useless traffic into a very powerful cash flow. It will also teach you how to get highly targeted traffic to your website for cheap when you use these methods. The best part is, in some cases it will cost you $0.01 per click. These tricks are not talked about in any other books. As a matter of fact, they tell you not to even go there. This book also gives you proof of the statements that were previously made through AdWords reports.

In my opinion, this book is well worth the hype and has showed me methods that I would have never considered before reading this book. It has taken my game to a new level and I whole-heartedly believe that it will elevated your’s too. AdWords 180

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