What Is Search Engine Optimization And How Is It Used?

Internet marketing is now central to the marketing and sales operations of business and some companies operate almost entirely online, such as e-commerce companies that do not have a physical locations beyond perhaps a warehouse for storing and dispatching their products, issuing invoices and administering the transaction process.

Various establishments opt for various solutions like some companies having what is called a corporate website that showcase their goods and / or services, while many use a combination of website and physical locations such as a showroom, a retail outlet, office or manufacturing outlet.

Whatever the organization or service provided, whether it is for consumers or business to business, a website is now paramount to commercial activity and a recent survey that asked consumers whether they would have concerns if a company they were considering using did not have a website, Found that more than 51% said they would definitely have a sense of apprehension if it did not.

The big question, therefore is, what can a business do to make sure its potential customers and clients actually find their website when they are searching the internet and how they can stand out from their competitors.

Part of this will depend on getting their website as near as possible to the top of the search engines that are most popular and that people are using, such as Google and Bing, and certainly on the first page.

The technique for achieving this is called Search Engine Optimisation and it also covers a range of activities, some of which are carried out by the software developers who create and look after the website using the legal technical coding that lies behind the website but is not visible to the user.

Examples of this are title tags and description tags also known as 'metatags'. These are coded messages hidden behind each page of a website that tell the search engines the identification (title) and content (description) of what is on the particular page. The description tags are the words that show up when a search is included on the Google list.

Some of the words used in these tags are called keywords, which are words that should also appear in the visible text on the web page, and they are usually words for the products or services it is offering.

SEO services are among the best in the world and these companies offer considerable levels of expertise in the coding and support for websites. They will offer other services that are also part of SEO, such as article marketing, where a writer will produce articles that are submitted to online publications and again contain key words that link back to pages on the website.

The most important thing to remember about these forms of SEO services is that they should be carried out in a steady, gradual and systematic way to work best over a period of time. Done properly, internet marketing is an effective tool for promoting a website to a wide audience online.

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