What is the Difference Between ClickBank and AdSense?

Click Bank is a online retail outlet for many digital products for affiliate marketers. It is basically a marketplace for authors of e-books and other companies to advertise and publish their own products. As a publisher, you don't have to set up any Affiliate scripts or manage the billing of our product. ClickBank does it all for you and sends the checks in the mail keeping a small percentage of the cut.

As a ClickBank promoter you place reviews and or ads on your site. When a person clicks through the ad or link on your site you are paid a commission if the person purchases the advertised product.

AdSense is a product from Google to advertise the products and services of other publishers on your own website. This way of marketing is preferred by some as the intrusion of ads is less compared to traditional banners. You must have valuable content relevant to the product in your website to attract people to click ads. If your website is going to be a media for marketing other publisher's product, then you would use AdSense to get paid for the number of clicks made on ads displayed on your site.

Click Bank have few disadvantages over AdSense. Users of ClickBank say that they are not able to track, when people click their product on their site. The process people follow after choosing a product is not transparent to the affiliates and it can be difficult to communicate with the publisher directly. Few facilities like making the notification of product sale of an affiliate needs to be enhanced. On other hand AdSense has many programs in which they track the details about the visitors who clicked on the link.

Each program is uniquely different in how a website owner could use them to their benefit. Many owners use strictly one source for their marketing efforts while some will combine the two. The commissions are usually much higher for ClickBank products usually around $ 20- $ 30 or more. It is, however, easier to strategically place an AdSense ad where a person will click and therefore generate a small commission which are on average $ .05 to $ .25 per click.

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