Why Your Pay-Per-Click Campaign Stopped Working

PPC is a great way to get people to your website. But once they get there will they buy? And more important, will they come back?

With the advent of Pay Per Click advertising anyone can be at the top of the search engines in their chosen category. No longer do you have to worry if you have the right Meta Tags, the perfect title for your page, or if the algorithm gods are in your favor. All you have to do is open an account with Google AdWords or Yahoo search Marketing and bingo, there you are for all to see.

So what else is there? The business should just roll in, right? Not necessarily!

Once people get to your site it is important for them to have all the information necessary to make a decision. They want to research the items or get background information or just have lots of choices. You want them to bookmark your site so it will always be part of their decision making process.

For example; if you search for Wedding Jewelry in Google there are 13,300,000 websites. So even though you are paying for a top ranking there are just too many choices. Just too much competition to let someone get away.

So what is the answer? Did my PPC campaign stop working? No. You just need to beef up your website with all kinds of related articles, content, success stories and any other information that can help the consumer make an educated choice.

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