Zero Friction Marketing Review – An Honest Review

If you have been keeping in touch with the internet marketing world lately, you'll notice that many gurus are blabbing about CPA marketing and how they earn a fortune promoting CPA offers. But unfortunately most of the info / course they offer require you to be an expert in Google AdWords pay-per-click or PPC marketing as well. If you're a newbie, it's NOT recommended for you to go straight to AdWords. The reason is because it's quite a tricky system to learn and very competitive. The newcomers are no match for the experts.

The Zero Friction Marketing CPA course takes a different route, it exploits on often-overlooked methods that allow the beginners to earn profits quickly without incurring high ad cost which is typical in AdWords.

By the way, for those who don't know … CPA stands for "Cost Per Action". CPA marketing is very similar to affiliate marketing. However, In traditional affiliate marketing, you must make sales to make money. With CPA marketing, you can make money through many many user's actions such as signing up for a free trial, downloading a program, or just making a registration. Therefore, making money in CPA is actually a lot easier compared to affiliate marketing.

The Zero Friction Marketing course uses a system called: "The Triple M" which basically is MSN (now called Bing), MySpace and Media Buys. In a nutshell, you'll learn how to easily use this system to promote CPA offers and make money.

The entire course consists of several guides, video tutorials and process maps. They are organized into 4 main modules:

Module 1: The Underground CPA Files

In this module, you'll get a 50-page eBook and a series of video tutorials that explain everything you need to know about CPA marketing. Saj P (the creator of Zero Friction Marketing) will show you how to get accepted into high-paying CPA networks 90% of the time. Getting accepted is usually quite quite hard but of you follow the system outlined in the course, it becomes a breeze. You'll also learn how to choose different types of CPA offers and how to set up your pre-sell page for high conversion.

Module 2: MSN – The Covert PPC Secret

When it comes to pay-per-click or PPC, many people will advise you to stick with Google AdWords and ignore MSN. However, not many people realize that the MSN search engine is actually a cash cow when it comes to CPA marketing. If done right, the traffic (albeit less in volume) can convert better than Google and Yahoo. If you follow the step-by-step instructions and video tutorials outlined in this module, it can produce a consistent cash flow or income for you.

Module 3: Myster MySpace PPC Formula

Do you know that there are over 200 million people on Myspace? And do you know that MySpace has just released their PPC platform for advertisers on all budgets? Of course, its PPC platform is not as powerful and sophisticated as AdWords but that's OK because what you want here is to be able to advertise your CPA offers to millions of people with much lower ad cost. Zero Friction Marketing will teach you how to put your ad in front of millions of MySpace users. You'll learn this step-by-step in the video tutorials.

Module 4: Media Buying Traffic Funnel

Most people still think that media buys is for companies with deep pockets. Well, this is not true anymore. In this module you'll learn how even a beginner with a shoe string budget can get good results by buying low-cost advertising space in some high-traffic websites.


The Zero Friction Marketing course on CPA is very different from many other CPA courses I have seen. This course is very suitable for those who want to make money in CPA marketing but have very limited budget for advertising. If you are a beginner, this course is worth considering because most beginners have shoe string budget when it comes to online advertising. So it can save you some significant ad cost.

Hope you find this review useful.

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